Decision to Scrap Article 370 and 35(a) is Good or Bad?

Decision to Scrap Article 370 and 35(a) is Good or Bad?

For the past 70 years,Article 370 and Article 35 (a) had not helped to the peace or development of Jammu and Kashmir,so it is not mandatory to be presented in our constitution.It is inevitable that any law would be revised periodically,according to the needs of prevailing situation of the nation.

Example:United Kingdom has changing the laws for their nation by considering the prevailing situation of their nation.

Decision to Scrap Article 370 and 35(a) is Good or Bad?     By considering the political families of Kashmir Valley,such as Abdullah’s, Mufti’s and also separatist leaders,they played with the issue of kashmir and living a luxurious life for the past few years.To be honest,it is not necessary to the presence of these articles in our constitution.

India’s valuable revenue was wasting in the kashmir valley due to these people’s personal gain.But,many young people had been fought without knowing any reason and cause.The politicians of the kashmir valley used these guys innocence for their personal gain.They are the future of india and also particularly to the state of jammu and kashmir.

In the state of Jammu and Kashmir,the Kashmir Valley is only a small area,not the entire state.By considering the total territories of the Jammu and Kashmir,the state has 22 districts,of this kashmir valley holds only three and a half districts.


Under Article 35 (a),only the kashmiri people have the rights:

  • to get the property in that area,
  • to get the government employment in the state and
  • to study in the college presented in that place.
  • If the kashmiri women marries the other state men means,she will miss the rights of the kashmir citizenship.

KASHMIR ACCORD: Conditions of Sheikh Abdullah?

Sheikh Abdullah,who was adamant during the Kashmir Accord that the recruitment of Kashmiris into the Indian Army should be made as a fundamental right,but in police department there is no place for non-Kashmiris.

In 2002, Farrukh Abdullah used Article 370 to amend the state constitution.Accordingly till 2026, there is no delimitation of the territories in the state of Jammu and Kashmir.Simply says that,the assembly seats are not altered till 2026.Of this changes,the 87-member Jammu and Kashmir legislative Assembly has 46 members from the Kashmir Valley which holds just three and a half districts and the remaining 41 members from the remaining districts.i.e.from the 18 and half districts of the state.It is not justiciable.

The decision of,to scrap the articles 370 and 35(a) now be the end the Abdullah’s and the Mufti’s,who have made the democracy as a mockery in the state.

History of Article 370 and Article 35(a)?

It is,because of the stubbornness of a man,named Jawaharlal Nehru that sections 370 and 35 (a) were incorporated into the Constitution.Baba Saheb Ambedkar,the then chairman of the drafting committee of the constitution and the law minister of that period was refused to incorporate these sections into the constitution.The then Home Minister Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel was also rejected the request of these articles to add in the constitution.But,Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru,with the help of Allady Krishnasamy Iyengar,was succeeded in signing the Kashmir Treaty and was aso incorporated  the articles 370 and 35(a) into the constitution of india.

 Dr.Ambedkar’s statement about the articles and said directly to face of Sheikh Abdullah on that time?

“You say India should defend your borders.You say we need to build roads in your area.You say you have to provide food.You want Kashmir to be equal to the rest of India.At the same time,you are demanding that the Indian government should have no jurisdiction in your area and that the Indian people should have no rights in Kashmir.If I agreed to this,I will be considered a traitor to India”

   What was answered by Sheikh Abdullah?

“The Kashmir muslims,who were the only inhabitants of the Kashmiri valley,was devastated from the region when the other people immigrated into the valley”

But,it is really not true? When you considered the past history of india,after the independence,many states religion,traditional customs,cultures and beliefs has been safeguarded by their respective state government and their people in the state.For one best example is TAMILNADU.And also Andhra Pradesh….

Kashmiri pandits,are also the son of soil and they have the equal rights as equal to the kashmiri muslims.But what happened to them?Before some decades,the Kashmiri Pandits were ruthlessly slaughtered and beaten up in the valley and their properties were uprooted and also some people were killed.

Is the Article 370,was safeguarded them? No

   Genocide is not religious,it depends on humanity.The constitution and the law are meant to consolidate and improve the unity,but not to permit separatism.

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