What NEXT in Jammu and kashmir?

What NEXT in Jammu and kashmir?


On August 7th 2019,the Indian Government scrapped Article 370 and 35A,and then reorganised the state of jammu and kashmir into two separate union territories such as jammu and kashmir with legislature and Ladakh without legisture.It was considered as a big historical move in india.

The Indian Government told that,”It was a temporary measure and that at some point we would be restored its statehood.But,Ladakh would be remained as union territory.The Government also said that the assembly election will be held as soon as possible,if the conditions in the state of jammu and kashmir became normal.


(About Bifurcation of Jammu and Kashmir)

   When we considered the past experiences in jammu and kashmir,we got just instability conditions in the state.Terrorism was played an important role in the state.Not only terrorism,but also separatism,nepotism and massive corruption.The Articles 370 and 35A,was considering as a weapon against India by Pakistan.

According to the Government data,in last thirty years,the number of innocent people deaths was over 42,000.So what the articles(370,35A) done for this!Is these articles guarded the people!Is this articles(370,35A) would give the lives of these people!The Answer is no……So,what the use of these articles.Nothing

When you take the records of development of the state,honestly there is no/less development in the state.But really the state of Jammu and Kashmir holds huge economic value.We are not properly utilizing it resources.Example:Tourism Sector

India,is a Union of states.If you bring a common law in india,it is applicable to all over the territory of india but except jammu and kashmir.it is not justiciable.It is not considering a good democratic process.The good number of laws are missing in the state of jammu and kashmir,due to these kind of restrictions.Such laws are Right To Education,Minimum Wages Act,Act to Prevent Atrocities against Dalits,etc……

Till now,the people settled after partition could only vote in the election of Lok Sabha,but not in assembly and local bodies in the state.

Now,the above mentioned flaws are over………by scrapping these articles

Reactions In Jammu and Kashmir

In Kashmir:

Tourism is an important source of income and employment for the people of Kashmir.The hotels,restaurants and transport are all occupied and employed by the local people.Now the doors are opened to non-Kashmiri people,they are worried that their livelihood will suffer.Of this,the decision has made them very sad.They also considering that their uniqueness may be affected by the outsiders.And their culture may get destructed by them.

In Ladakh:(as union territory without legislature)

The people’s mood was different in Ladakh.People’s are celebrating the separation from kashmir.

   WHY? Instead of worrying about that there is no election,no legislature,no government.Because the Government declared that the region as union territory.

Since 1947,Ladakh was trying to separate from jammu and kashmir.Because,

Ladakh is completely different from other region of jammu and kashmir in terms of food,culture,landscape and climate.Although surrounded by three countries such as India, China and Pakistan, Ladakh is unique.”We are proud to be with India in this situation”,said by the ladakhi’s.

The distance of Kashmir from Ladakh is over 400 kilometers.If any government and legal related enquiries,ladakhi people should go for long distance,it was great difficult to them.Even so,if Ladakhi means,the process will be much slower.(It is a Big Lesson for every state—If the state acts partiality between the people means,we get this kind of reactions)

The Government proposals,concessions,funds and anything will be 100 percent for Kashmiri’s.But only 10 percent for Ladakhi’s.

Moreover,culturally and religiously,they are different to one another.Of this,sometimes they don’t coexist.

There are lot of reasons for their enjoyment.Now all of this hardship will come to an end.The Government Plans,Offices and Laws for Ladakhi’s will be created separately and hereafter they will be treated differently from kashmir’s.Because they are comes under the direct control of THE PRESIDENT OF INDIA.


Hereafter,anyone from the territory of india could buy the lands in the state.And they also buy the lands outside the region of jammu and kashmir.

The Big corporates may come and start their businesses in the state.It has both good and bad effects.i.e.the locals mostly depends on tourist related jobs,will be affected (or) the employment opportunities in various fields will increases,and this lead to development of people in the region.

Ladakh has a unique culture,natural resources and the landscape.The land,holds strong traditional Buddhist culture.The Government should be protect the culture,environment,people’s livelihood,natural resources and the landscape.Of course,the region comes under the direct control of the President.So he holds some extra ordinary powers related to the union territory compare to the states of India.By using these powers,he administered the union territory of Andaman and Nicobar Islands.So,their unique culture are safeguarded in the region.In future,we will expect this kind of administeration in ladakh region.of this,we could maintain there uniqueness in the region.

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