You Should Never Known Vedic Hindu Gods

You Should Never Write About Hindu Gods And Here’s Why

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  • Brahma Vishnu Siva
  • Rama,Krishna
  • Hanuman,Durga
  • Natural GodsBrahma Vishnu Siva


        Various sections of Hinduism follows their own literatures, but most of them recognise the sacredness of Vedas – the oldest text of Hinduism.

“Vedism was almost entirely concerned with the cult of fire sacrifice (Yajna) and the continual regeneration of the universe that resulted from it”.

By means of the correspondences that linked the ritual to both the macrocosmos and the microcosmos, the sacrificer simultaneously contributed to the welfare of the transcendental order and furthered his own interest.

These correspondences were explored in the philosophical Vedic texts, the Upanisads in which a search for the knowledge that would liberate man from repeated death led to the earliest formulations of Hinduism.

The chief Vedic Gods are: Brahma – Vishnu – Siva

  • Brahma the creator.
  • Vishnu the protector.
  • Siva the perserver and destroyer.Brahma Vishnu Siva

It is significant that the major deities of Hinduism have many forms based on distinctive mythology.

For example,Vishnu has a number of incarnations, the chief of which are Rama (man), Krishna (man).

The people was believing that,God periodically allows himself to be reborn on earth, to overcome evil and restore righteousness.

Puja (worship) and bhakti (devotion):

Important aspects of theistic Hinduism are puja and bhakti,which gradually replaced the Vedic sacrificial cult by devotion and worship to an image of the deity. The main purpose of the puja is a closer relationship between the worshipper and the god.

Based on worship,three important cults emerged in theistic Hinduism.

Brahma Vishnu SivaThey are:

    Vaishnavism —

  • The worship of Vishnu
  • Emphasises a personal relation with a loving and gracious god


  • The worship of Siva
  • It  is more asceptically inclined.
  • Often incorporates yogic mystical practices into its worship

    Saktism —           

  • Worship of mother goddesses like Devi, Durga, Kali etc…
  • Cult of Goddess is an important component of theistic Hinduism.
  • Follows the tantric methods of tapping the creating energies (Saktis) within oneself.

Saktism presents within the broad fold of Valshnuvism and Saivism whereby Laxmi and Parvati, the divine consorts of Vishnu and Siva respectively are worshipped in many places in India.

Brahma Vishnu Siva

Some Others are:

  • Kartikeya and Ganesa,the sons of Siva and Durga
  • Hanuman
  • God of nature viz…                                       
    • Indra (the God of Sky)
    • Agni(the God .of fire)
    • Varuna (the God of water)
    • The Vahana (vehicles) in the form of birds or animals on which Gods/Goddesses sit,the sun, moon, stars, rivers,mountains, lakes, animals, snakes are also worshipped in Hinduism.

Important localised deities in Hinduism are:

Goddess Kali and Manasa are popular in Bengal

Some localised deities also become universally accepted in Hinduism over a period of time.

They are:

  • Mata Santoshi and Goddess Vaishnadevi of northern India,
  • Srivenkatesh of Tirupati, South India.

The trends of localised manifestation of some deities and universalisation of some local deities are of great sociological significance.There are enourmous ties of localised culture in the great tradition of Hinduism..To know more about the true history of hinduism…

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