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How to read Environment/Geography

tnpsc group 1 mains



How to Read Environment/Geography – TNPSC

tnpsc group 1 mains

World Geography
Indian Geography
Food and Agriculture
Indian Agriculture
Forest and its Importance
Conservation of Mineral Resources
Bio-geo-chemical cycles :-

1. Water cycle

2. Nitrogen cycle

3. Carbon cycle & Human Impacts
Rainwater Harvesting
Water Resources
Environment and Sustainable Development
Noise Pollution
GMO – Genetically Modified Organisms
Climate Change – Environment
Action on Climate Change
Wildlife and its Conservation
Global Warming


Ecosystem and its Function and Components
Bio-Diversity, Terrestrial Biomes, Aquatic Biomes and its Conservation
Non-Renewable Energy – Coal, Petroleum (or) Crude oil and Natural Gas
Geomorphic Processes – internal and external processes
Types of Rocks – Igneous Rocks, Sedimentary Rocks, Metamorphic Rocks & Rock Cycle
National River Conservation plan
Various methods for Conservation of Water
Green Revolution/Biofortification – Importance,Challenges and its Success rate
Management of Water Resources
Information Technology for Disaster Prevention
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